Finished One Month Rails? Accelerate Your Rails Education with GoRails Screencasts

Hey OMies!

One Month just announced that we acquired GoRails, an awesome site with screencasts for Ruby on Rails Developers, adding it to the One Month family of courses and educational products.

GoRails follows in the footsteps of (the now defunct) RailsCasts in creating short, 10 to 20 minute video lessons designed to help people continue their Ruby on Rails education by teaching specific coding concepts and features. The idea is to fill in the gaps, explain the confusing pieces, and give people an understanding they can’t find anywhere else on the web.

In the last six months, GoRails has built up a library of over 30 free and premium video lessons (more than 10 hours of content) and has reached over a quarter of a million developers. We’re excited to add it to our library of educational content because it fills in a much needed gap, teaching intermediate developer skills to people who have finished courses like One Month Rails or graduate from other coding bootcamps.

GoRails’ founder, Chris Oliver, will be joining our team as lead engineer and we’re excited to have him tackle the problem of technical training as part of One Month.

One Month Welcomes Chris Oliver to our team!

Chris Oliver is a self-taught engineer and has been coding since 7th grade — his first project was Keryx, to provide Linux users without internet access to software.  Since then, he’s been involved in many Ruby on Rails open source projects, the St. Louis startup community, and LaunchCode, a non-profit that helps people get their first job as a programmer.

“I loved watching RailsCasts, created originally by Ryan Bates, who took an indefinite hiatus from creating new casts.” says Chris. “When it ended, I knew I had to make some way to continue these lessons for the rest of the community.”

“The screencasts were quick and simple, and they made it easy to figure out how to build one new thing in a short amount of time," says Chris. "I learned how to do everything at my first job with RailsCasts and I want to give that same opportunity to new Rails developers. It was a life-changing resource for me and I want to return the favor.”

When we found out that Chris Oliver had created GoRails and made it a success in such a short amount of time, we thought that it would complement the One Month curriculum perfectly. At the moment, we offer courses specifically designed for beginners. A lot of students finish classes like One Month Rails and ask what they should do next. We’ve never had a good answer for them, until now.

GoRails is the perfect, light-weight way for beginner and intermediate coders to continue their education by learning how to build specific features and functionality in little bite-sized chunks.

It’s perfect for someone who’s trying to take their skills to the next level or already knows what they want to build, just don’t know how to build it.

Hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri, Chris is joining us as our lead developer and is working to build amazing learning tools with our team. Chris will also be continuing to post new screencasts on GoRails so you can dig deeper!

Take Your Rails Skills Further With Email Notifications and Time Zones

GoRails picks up where RailsCasts left off, with simple-to-follow screencasts posted each week to build out your Rails skills. For example, if you want to learn how to send email notifications in your Rails app you can watch Email Notifications with Rails 4.2. GoRails also covers how to build a forum and send email notifications to all the users in a thread when a new post is added. The episode Time Zones with local_time shows you how to easily handle showing times in the user’s local time zone so they don’t have to convert times zones in their head.

GoRails offers both free screencasts as well as premium in-depth lessons for $9 a month. (New screencasts are released every week).

Check out GoRails now to watch free video lessons like Sign In With Twitter where you’ll learn how to let users connect their Twitter account to your Rails app. After they do that, you’ll be able to post Tweets for them, read their Twitter feed, and more.


GoRails even has a few episodes dedicated to explaining just how Rails works internally to reveal the “magic” that it provides for you. The Params Hash episode will give you an idea about how Rails takes data from routes, query params, and forms and then combines that all together into a nifty hash of attributes for you called params.

All One Month Students Get a Complementary GoRails Premium Account For Six Months!

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re giving all One Month students free access to GoRails with a premium account for 6 months! (The rest of you needn't worry, most of the video lessons are free and membership is only $9/month).

And reach out to Chris Oliver (@excid3) with a big warm welcome for joining the One Month family!


Mattan Griffel

Mattan Griffel

Mattan Griffel is the CEO & co-founder of One Month. Teacher at General Assembly. Studied Philosophy and Finance at NYU. Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in Education. Featured in BusinessWeek, MIT Technology Review, Huffington Post, Mashable and The Next Web.