Announcing One Month iOS with Swift!

Back in June, when Apple announced they were going to release a modern iOS programming language that’s faster and easier-to-learn, we knew it would be a perfect fit for One Month's accelerated learning style.

And the perfect time for us to create our first iOS development course.

Learn Swift with One Month iOS

What's the course about?

Apple knew Objective-C was dated. They knew it was hard to learn. And they knew they needed something better. Something that would allow anyone to build an iOS app. In comes Swift. A modern, approachable programming language that was specifically designed for today's most advanced devices. Swift is the easiest way for anyone to build an iPhone app. We're hoping to make One Month iOS the easiest way for anyone to learn Swift.

What will you learn?

  • How to build an iPhone photo-sharing app from scratch (the project you’ll build is a photo-sharing app much like Instagram)
  • An introduction to the Swift programming language
  • Apple developer tools including Xcode 6, Interface Builder, and the iOS Simulator
  • Apple’s Cocoa Touch (a collection of proven UI frameworks)
  • Parse: A powerful backend tool for storing and retrieving your app’s data via the cloud

What's included with the course?

One Month iOS includes:

  • Over 6 hours of easy-to-follow video tutorials
  • Direct access to your dedicated mentor
  • Live weekly office hours
  • A verifiable Certificate of Completion when you finish
  • The fully completed iOS project codebase

Who should take this course and why?

Any and everyone who's ever wanted to build an iPhone app, but didn't know where to start. You start here with One Month iOS!

It’s for anyone who tried to learn iOS before, but were put off by Objective-C. Things will be different this time. You’ll love Swift!

This course is also for current iOS developers who want to learn how to cut their dev time in half with Swift.

Learn Swift in just one month →

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Chris Castig

Chris Castig

Chris is a lifelong learner who doesn’t believe that learning stops when class stops. Known affectionately as “Castig,” he loves teaching, exploring new media, and continuously crafting new ways to deliver excellent (and enjoyable) ways to learn. He’s a developer, musician, and student of improv; he’s built a speciality in UX strategy and Front-end with ten years developing digital products for the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, and American Express. In the past, he’s led on-site training programs for American Express, The New York Stock Exchange, and General Electric.