Our Brand-New Learning Library

Learning Library

When I was a kid, browsing a library was like heaven.

It was so fun to look at all the books and all the things I could learn. We want to make the Internet fun again (and keep it fun). So this past winter, we decided to make our own Learning Library: a place to go and hang out, learn new facts, explore new ideas, and decide what skill you're going to pick up next.

Libraries are cultural havens — places that “provide a third space that is neither home or work, where people can come together and do thinking work,” as one New Yorker explains through his caption on the popular HONY photography page. “The library isn’t going to compete with the internet. It’s going to be part of the internet.”

People depend on libraries for access to ideas, books, and resources — and we wanted to build something that can make information and ideas more readily accessible. 

Online, however, exploration and discovery happen differently. It feels like we’re missing the qualities of good discovery. Where do you go to curl up with your favorite videos, people, ideas, and books?

Information is everywhere. It’s Google’s mission “to organize the world’s information.” But information isn’t the same as knowledge.

We only gain knowledge when we can use information to take action and to make decisions. For that you need a trusted source, a mentor, a teacher, and experience. That’s what we’re hoping to achieve with the Learning Library: it will become an effective first moment of learning any new skill.

We want the Learning Library to be synonymous with the word “learn”.

Over time if you’re searching Google for “learn yoga”, “learn HTML”, or “learn marketing” we hope to be the place that gives you the most amazing first moments of learning. That’s the idea behind our Learning Library.

What is the Learning Library?

The learning library is a collection of free resources with content about everything from wordpress to programming basics to an overview of what a minimum viable product is. We're going to keep expanding into topics that we're passionate about. That includes mindfulness and wellness, health, happiness, and a whole number of new topics.

We want to make learning easy, enjoyable, and accessible. We're excited by the success of our courses so far and we want to see what we can do with quick, one-minute videos to pique people's interest in new subjects.

The learning library is built on the following key ideas:

  • Each Learning Library subject is built on the One Minute concept of learning: we collect ideas and create a short, quick video to give you an overview of the topic before you dive in.
  • Each topic has 30 minutes of additional reading and resources for you to learn at your own pace, browsing through our recommended readings and links.
  • Much like your hometown library, we want the Learning Library to foster your sense of exploration and discovery.
  • Learn what you need. Leave the rest.

The importance of browsing and discovery.

Sometimes you don’t know what you want to learn next. I remember when you could browse through magazine racks and flip through new publications on a bookstore shelf.  I still love going into a good bookstore and flipping through books and magazines, feeling spines and covers and looking at what there is to learn next.  

On the Internet, it’s harder to browse and curate, and to know how to package information. We want to apply our skills in accelerated learning to create tangible moments and experiences of trusted learning.

We want to make learning fun again!

We know how important it is to have a great first start. Our videos focus on creating the most effective first moments possible, so that people can learn quickly. We created the Learning Library because we wanted to make a trusted place with the most relevant information for beginners. Our larger vision is to create a place where you can learn anything - and have the most fun, too.

We’ll be launching as many as ten free new topics every month. Some of the future topics on our short list include SEO, analytics, yoga, video editing, photoshop, storytelling, and project management. You can also submit requests for what topics you’d like to see go live next.

Let us know what you’d be interested in learning next — we’ll be adding new videos to the collection each month!

What topics would you like added to The Learning Library?


Chris Castig

Chris Castig

Chris is a lifelong learner who doesn’t believe that learning stops when class stops. Known affectionately as “Castig,” he loves teaching, exploring new media, and continuously crafting new ways to deliver excellent (and enjoyable) ways to learn. He’s a developer, musician, and student of improv; he’s built a speciality in UX strategy and Front-end with ten years developing digital products for the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, and American Express. In the past, he’s led on-site training programs for American Express, The New York Stock Exchange, and General Electric.