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Ruby vs. Python

Getting Started

Which is better, Ruby on Rails or Python and Django? This is a question we get asked repeatedly. 

How to Setup Vagrant for Rails

How to

A Rails tutorial for using Vagrant in your development environment on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Let's Change How We Think About Learning to Code

Getting Started

Learning how to code isn't a computers problem. It's a humans problem: do you know where to begin?

Inside Engineering: How We Built The Learning Library

Learning Philosophy

At One Month, we use many of the same tools we teach to build our own website. We've built the site in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on...

Will Swift Apps Work on Older iPhones?

Getting Started

Apple's release of Swift 1.0, has sparked the question: "Will older iPhones be able to run Swift apps?" The short answer is yes. But...

Swift Programming Language Crash Course

Deep Dive

With the iPhone 6 announcement today, it’s the perfect time to talk about Swift and...

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