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One Month Startup Competition Winner Announced!


It's time to announce the winner of One Month Startup 2016. Everyone ready?

Storytelling for Startups

Founder Friday

Mattan gives four storytelling tips you can implement at your startup today for ‪#‎FounderFriday‬

NO ONE CARES (about your MVP)

Founder Friday

Mattan answers live questions about your MVP for ‪#‎FounderFriday‬

How Will You Make Money?

Founder Friday

Are investors always asking you "How will you make money?" Mattan Griffel talks about how you should deal with that question.

Startup NDAs: Why you shouldn’t be afraid of someone stealing your startup idea

Founder Friday

Tune in to listen to Mattan Griffel talk about Startup NDAs and why you shouldn't be afraid of someone stealing your startup idea.

Admitting When Things Aren't Perfect

Founder Friday

This week's Founder Friday is about admitting when things aren't perfect, and the power that comes with vulnerability.

Why You Shouldn't Care About Competitors

Founder Friday

Does having competition mean you need to get out of the game? Of course not. Watch this and learn how to bring down the big guys.

Maintaining healthy relationships while working at a startup

Founder Friday

In this video, Mattan Griffel covers the important topic of maintaining relationships while working your ass off at a startup. How can...

3 Ways To Know If A Developer Is Good

Founder Friday

If you don't necessarily have a technical background and you're thinking about bringing in a developer, how do you assess them?

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