Want to Give Your Favorite Teachers a Drink? Now You Can with "Drunk Mode"

Here at One Month we introduced 1.5x, and 2x speed settings for each of our videos.

Just imagine: sometimes you want to speed up a teacher because he or she is talking too much and you already know most of what is going on.

That’s why we introduced six different speed settings for each of our videos. Sometimes you want to speed it up and make it a little faster. So you can get to the new stuff, because you already know most of it.

Other times. However.

Everything’s new to you!

That’s why we also released a .5x speed setting…

To force the teacher.

To slow.


Which brings me to: Drunk Mode.

We noticed that when we dropped the speed EVEN LOWER it made our teachers appear, well, drunk. In other words, now you can go to any One Month class and click “Drunk Mode” to turn a perfectly respectable teacher into a guy or gal who appears to have just returned from a midday cocktail with both Don Draper and Lucille Bluth.

So, we had a little fun with it. Here’s a best-of-video that showcases just how ridiculous we One Month teachers look in drunk mode:

What is your favorite drunk mode moment from a One Month class?

Tell us! 

Leave us a comment down below and let us know your favorite.



Chris Castig

Chris Castig

Chris is a lifelong learner who doesn’t believe that learning stops when class stops. Known affectionately as “Castig,” he loves teaching, exploring new media, and continuously crafting new ways to deliver excellent (and enjoyable) ways to learn. He’s a developer, musician, and student of improv; he’s built a speciality in UX strategy and Front-end with ten years developing digital products for the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, and American Express. In the past, he’s led on-site training programs for American Express, The New York Stock Exchange, and General Electric.