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Learn to Become a Web Developers: Roles & Responsibilities

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Who is on a web development team? 

The four most important roles on a web development team are:

  1. User Experience (UX)
  2. Information Architecture (IA)
  3. Visual Design
  4. Web development

If you’re a startup and you’re just two people, you may have to do two of these roles, or all of these roles and learn a little bit about each of them. Or if you’re at a big agency and you have a budget, you may have to have teams that are an entire UX team or an entire design team.

To clarify this… they’re not “people,” they are roles. If you’re at a small startup, you may have to be all four of these roles. At a larger company, each of these roles might be covered by a group of people.

What coding languages should a web developer know?

A web developer should at least know the following languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one backend language (like Python or Ruby). To learn more I recommend you understand the difference between front-end and back-end developers.

Where do you learn web development? 

If you’re totally new to web development, I’d suggest you start with HTML. Here at One Month, we have a free HTML course where you can learn HTML in just 7-Days. In just seven days you’ll learn the all the HTML and CSS fundamentals while building a fun portfolio project. I’d also suggest you listen to the Learn to Code Podcast.

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Chris Castiglione Teacher at One Month. Faculty at Columbia University where I teach Digital Literacy. I write about coding, the internet, and social impact.

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