One Month Stripe Payments Course Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, we're launching One Month Stripe Payments! 

To answer any questions you might have, I sat down with teacher Peter Bell and asked him to tell you a little bit more about the new course.

Check out the video interview below:

Chris: “Peter tomorrow your class goes live, How do you feel about that?”

Peter: “I’m soo excited, because it’s a chance to be part of the One Month family and to help a bunch of people learn how to build things easily without having all the usual hurdles of learning the technology. ”

“With Stripe One Month Payments, it’s all about how you can start to make money online. It’s great that you learned how to build a site, but presumably you’re doing this to monetize your own website in some way. And this course is your chance to do that.”

Chris: “Who is using Stripe?”

Peter: “Stripe is a huge deal. Companies like Rackspace, Foursquare, Squarespace, and Shopify use Stripe. I do a lot of work with startup CTOs. And most of the CTOs I know work with Stripe, because it’s a quick and easy way of getting payments setup and working, so the developers can focus on the business rules or growth hacking instead of futzing around with payment networks.”

Chris: “But what if I’m a total newbie, is this class right for me?”

Peter: “YES! One Month Stripe Payments is made for the total beginner.”

“I know just how intimidating it is to get started with payment processing... One Month Stripe Payments is the course I wish I had when I first started.”

"We recommend that you start with One Month Rails, and then take Stripe. This will get you set up with the foundation you need."

Chris: “What will I learn in One Month Stripe Payments?”

Peter: "You'll learn how to..."

  • Make money online
  • Accepts credit card payments using Stripe
  • Manage users, orders, and any other kind of data using Active Admin
  • Send email receipts and digital goods using SendGrid
  • Deploy and host a website using Heroku
  • Manage your code using GitHub

Chris: “When does the class start?”

Peter: “You’ll get access immediately after enrolling."

And don't worry about finishing it in exactly one month, you can keep the course for as many months as you like in our new subscription plan.”

Ok, so tomorrow morning we’ll be launching Peter’s course. I hope you're excited as I am! 

Still have questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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