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Hacker News is Dead?

Lessons learned from the Hacker News outage… 1) THE big mistake Hacker News made this week 2) One quick trick to check less email...
Chris Castiglione
25 sec read

Ooops. Where did $147,000,000 go?!

Think you’ve heard it all? This third installment of Hacker News Nation will blow your mind. $147,000,000 in Bitcoin. Where did it go!? Mattan...
Chris Castiglione
29 sec read

We got rejected from Y Combinator…

…the first time. And that’s why this week on Hacker News Nation, we’ll be sharing tips for applying to Y Combinator. As well as the stories...
Chris Castiglione
27 sec read

Hacker News Nation: Episode #1

It’s showtime! Today I’m pumped to share our first episode of Hacker News Nation! Students often ask me, “What do I use to to...
Chris Castiglione
26 sec read

4 Debugging Techniques Every Developer Should Know

I’ve got a CRAZY question for you… How much of your coding time is spent debugging? I’ll bet A LOT. And how much of...
Chris Castiglione
1 min read

How a Non-technical Solo Founder Got Into Y Combinator

Two years ago I quit my full-time job, and declared myself an entrepreneur (inspired by the 4-Hour Workweek). At the time, all I had...
Mattan Griffel
2 min read An Easier Guide for Installing Rails is now Live! We’re happy to announce Our free guide for quickly installing Rails on Mac or PC. is the easier way...
Chris Castiglione
18 sec read