how to learn to code

6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Learn to Code

What is the toughest part of learning to code? STAYING MOTIVATED. Back in 2002, I was a music major with no desire to become...
Chris Castiglione
2 min read

How Bryan Helmig (Co-Founder of Zapier) Learn to Code

This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Bryan Helmig, the CTO and co-founder of Zapier. In our discussion, we talk about how Bryan...
Chris Castiglione
33 min read

How I Learned to Code with Nathan Baschez

Nathan Baschez (Product Hunt, Gimlet Media) is one of the most prolific creators I know, having worked at half a dozen of the coolest...
Chris Castiglione
35 min read

My Honest Review of Fullstack Academy

Buddy Galletti is One Month alumni turned FullStack Academy student. He’s currently enrolled in their 24 week online Bootcamp where he’s learning Node.js, JavaScript,...
Chris Castiglione
15 min read

CodePen, CSS Tricks, and ShopTalk Podcast | An Interview…

Welcome to the One Month podcast. This week on the show we have Chris Coyier! Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) is a web designer and developer,...
Chris Castiglione
35 min read

10 Reasons Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails

I often get asked the question: “What programming language should I learn?” If you’re totally new to programming I highly recommend Ruby on Rails....
Mattan Griffel
3 min read