Learn to Code Podcast

How I Learned to Code in 6 Months

Welcome to the Learn to Code podcast here at One Month. This week on the show, I’ll be chatting with Meaghan Jones, Lead Support...
Chris Castiglione
14 min read

How to Become a Freelance Web Developer

Hello, and welcome to the Learn to Code Podcast with One Month. This week we have Mike Heavers on the show. Mike Heavers (@heaversmike)...
Chris Castiglione
27 min read

Developer Confessions: I look up code on the internet all…

A few years ago, David Heinemeier Hansson (Ruby on Rails creator) made a confession on Twitter: “I look up code on the internet all the time.” David’s...
Chris Castiglione
50 sec read

42 Best Classes to Learn to Code for Free…

Want to learn to code? There are plenty of free online coding classes, but unfortunately, many of them are out of date. That’s why...
Chris Castiglione
6 min read

How to Learn Python

Today, we are talking with Mattan Griffel (@mattangriffel) about how to learn Python. Mattan teaches code to MBAs — at Columbia Business School. He...
Chris Castiglione
15 min read

WordPress Security for Beginners

33% of the web is powered by WordPress. There’s a lot of WordPress sites out there! And because of that, WordPress is a huge...
Chris Castiglione
17 min read

How Bryan Helmig (Co-Founder of Zapier) Learn to Code

This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Bryan Helmig, the CTO and co-founder of Zapier. In our discussion, we talk about how Bryan...
Chris Castiglione
33 min read

Learn Code the Hard Way with Zed Shaw

Today on the show we have Zed Shaw. Zed is the author of Learn Python the Hard Way. and the popular website Learn Code...
Chris Castiglione
46 min read

How I Learned to Code with Nathan Baschez

Nathan Baschez (Product Hunt, Gimlet Media) is one of the most prolific creators I know, having worked at half a dozen of the coolest...
Chris Castiglione
35 min read