The New One Month

I'm excited to launch the new One Month blog and explain the idea behind the One Month learning platform.

For the last year, my co-founder Chris and I have been really working hard to perfect the vision for what One Month will be.

When I first started teaching One Month Rails, I had no idea how powerful it would be. We've changed the lives of tens of thousands of students. The other day I met with a student who dropped out of college (he was the first in his family to go), learned Rails in One Month, and is now making over $130k a year as the lead developer at a startup.

The reason why we chose the One Month theme is because we think it's possible for people to change their lives in a short amount of time:

There's that joke that goes:

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

I want to extend that to learning. The only way to change your path and learn something new is to start with month one. Something like that. I'm still working on the specifics.

But the realization is this: at the beginning of every journey, you have the first month. This month is the most important part of the entire process, I think. You either fall in love with your new path, or you don't. How many habits have you tried to develop and given up within the first 30 days? Probably most of them.

That's where hopefully One Month comes in. We're going to be releasing new classes over the next year that focus on learning by doing. Things like growth hacking your startup, fundraising, practicing meditation, writing a book, playing guitar, learning a new language. Think of all the things you've ever wanted to learn or do. Things that would make your life better. We want to figure out how to help make that happen.

One Month Growth Hacking Landing Page

One Month Growth Hacking, a new course coming soon

Part of that will require technology. We've been developing a platform that allows teachers to create and update online content seamlessly. As it expands, we're building out new kinds of lessons that teachers will be able to add into classes, like quizzes and higher levels of interactivity. Importantly, we're focusing a lot on completion rates. Right now completion rates for One Month Rails are around 25%. That's better than average, but it's not good enough. Our goal is to double it.

The other part is people. We want to put teachers first. Each class will be brought to you by a person, first and foremost. Someone you should be able to connect with and develop a relationship with. Importantly, you should feel like there's someone for you to turn to when you've got a question.

I find that the most frustrating aspect of online learning is not being able to reach somebody when you have a question. Online education will never truly take off until people know that there's someone there to help them out if they get stuck. So far we've managed to get the response time to student questions down from over 24 hours to less than 7. Our goal is to cut that in half.

We've got the opportunity to really do something amazing here. And the biggest thing we need is your support.

Today on our new blog we're releasing our new branding and identity system. It will set the stage for the next few months and years to come. This allows us to continue rolling out new courses with a consistent theme and messaging.

So without further ado, here's the new One Month. Do you like it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Mattan Griffel

Mattan Griffel

Mattan Griffel is the CEO & co-founder of One Month. Teacher at General Assembly. Studied Philosophy and Finance at NYU. Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in Education. Featured in BusinessWeek, MIT Technology Review, Huffington Post, Mashable and The Next Web.