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Announcing: One Month jQuery!


Interactive content will measurably improve the way people experience your website. Learning jQuery will give you the tools to make that...

Sept 24: FREE JQUERY Webinar with Erin Zobitz


Want to come to a live chat with Erin Zobitz and learn how to make your website more interactive? You know you do! Here's your chance.

Announcing: One Month iOS 1.2


Are you ready to start programming iPhone apps? Learn Swift and make it happen.

June 3: FREE Webinar with Mattan Griffel — "Growth Hacking Quick Wins"


Let's talk about growth hacking: how to start, what to focus on, and getting new users quickly.

Announcing: New Summer Scholarships


Calling all students! This summer, we are offering a 50% scholarship for ambitious students that want to start coding.

Announcing: Content Marketing Course!


Content Marketing is part science, part inspiration. It’s a blend of using your intuition and creativity, and also getting real about... Names One Month in 10 Startups to Watch at Social Media Week


This week more than 70,000 people will come together to join in a global conversation at Social Media Week (SMW) a week-long...

Creative Email Campaigns: Why an Online Education Company Sent an Email About... Football


Can a coding company send a relevant email about football? Or will we just spam our friends and students?

Two Free Webinars This Week!


We're hosting two free bonus webinars this week on programming and creative content marketing.

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