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Want to Write More in the New Year?

Jack Kerouac

30 days of writing: a month-long writing challenge

We've been thinking a lot about resolutions and behavior change here at One Month. This time of year is a great time for reflection and introspection. This week, after reviewing our personal resolutions, we realized that many of us have writing-related goals: we want to write more in the new year, whether it's books, essays, personal writing, or even working on improving our speaking ability.

Writing as a daily habit can be hard to develop. So as a team, we brainstormed a few ways to make it easier to do.

As a result, we built a free email series that sends out a new writing prompt every day for 30 days.

Want to write with us? Sign up here to get email prompts delivered daily for a month and join us on the writing journey.


What are your writing goals for 2015? 
We each have our own writing goals — some of us want to write daily, others want to write 3 times a week. Pick a frequency that'll work for you. Use the prompts as a jumping off point to kickstart your own writing habit. There's nothing like a little email reminder to get you moving on a project. 


Sarah Peck

Sarah Peck

Sarah brings a love of stories and narrative expression to One Month, and she believes that storytelling and communication are fundamentally about finding the root of our power by owning our deeper narratives and connections. Sarah is a certified yoga teacher, an essayist, and an aspiring singer. When she’s not writing, creating, or teaching, you’ll find her doing handstands, swimming, or learning (still terribly) how to hip-hop dance.