What is Arduino?

Key Takeaways What is Arduino? Arduino is a micro-controller that’s great for hardware prototyping. A micro-controller is kind of like your brain — it processes inputs...
Chris Castiglione
53 sec read

Confessions of a Growth Hacker

I want to come clean. I don’t always practice what I preach when it comes to growth hacking. It’s easy to say test everything....
Chris Castiglione
3 min read

10 Reasons Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails

If you’re new to programming, what language should you learn first? I often get asked the question: “What programming language should I learn?” If you’re...
Mattan Griffel
3 min read

9 Great Lessons on Learning From Ancient Philosophers

Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.” — Chris Oliver “Son of a …!” — Alex...
Sarah Peck
4 min read