9 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Sending Email

How many hours a day do you spend writing emails? We love it, we hate it — we can’t stop using it. Many of us spend a...
Sarah Peck
6 min read

How to Say No

There are a lot of great blog posts and books out there about how we should all say ‘No’ to more things in order to focus more on...
Mattan Griffel
6 min read

What is Javascript?

Key Takeaways JavaScript is a programming language. It’s one of the three front-end languages. JavaScript is responsible for the “behavior” of your Website. It’s...
Chris Castiglione
24 sec read

5 Of The Best Blogging Platforms

Are you ready to kickoff your content marketing strategy, but confused about which platform to choose to start your blog? If so, then you’re...
Chris Castiglione
7 min read

The Best Text Editors for Beginners

What text editor should I use? What is a text editor, and why does it matter which one I use? Text editors are programs that...
Chris Castiglione
6 min read

What is iOS Development?

Key Takeaways Swift is the language used to make apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX (desktop) apps. Why Swift? Well, You don’t really...
Chris Castiglione
48 sec read