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How to Say No

There are a lot of great blog posts and books out there about how we should all say ‘No’ to more things in order to focus more on what really matters. This seems pretty obvious to most people. But why is it so difficult to actually do? I think it’s because most people don’t actually know how to say ‘No.’ They […]

Learning Hack: The Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoros are a simple learning and productivity technique. We all get burnt out or spend time doing stuff that’s not really effective or valuable, right? Take a kitchen timer (a Pomodoro timer) and set it to 25 minutes. Work on one thing for those 25 minutes. If you’re able to do that, when the 25 […]

10 Reasons Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails

I often get asked the question: “What programming language should I learn?” If you’re totally new to programming I highly recommend Ruby on Rails. In this post I’m going to give 10 reasons why I think new programmers should start with Ruby on Rails. 1. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework. It is […]

Why Codecademy Didn’t Work for Me

As someone who learned how to code pretty recently, I’m frustrated by the way that coding is taught to beginners. I wanted to learn coding because: a) I wanted to build a Web app and it’s near impossible to find good developers in this market, and b) Thought coding would be a valuable skill to […]

What is Growth Hacking?

Key Takeaways Growth hacking is marketing + coding. It includes things like: landing page optimization, SEO, public relations, advertising, and copywriting. Three things that a Growth Hacker might do in a typical day: A/B testing landing pages Capturing emails before you launch your product Optimizing the virality of your product so that more people use […]

Why Should You Incorporate Your Startup In Delaware?

Startup Series: Why Delaware? Why should you incorporate your startup in Delaware, even if you’ve never been there?* A whole lot of companies in the US are incorporated in Delaware, even if the company doesn’t actually exist there. One Month, for example, is incorporated in Delaware, even though we’re headquartered in New York (and we’ve […]

3 Ways to Know If A Developer Is Good

If you don’t necessarily have a technical background and you’re thinking about bringing in a developer, how do you assess them? How do you even know if they have the very particular set of skills your site or application needs? On this Founder Friday, Mattan and Chris tackle how to win devs, and make an […]

Ruby vs. Python

Ruby vs. Python   RUBY PYTHON LANGUAGE  More magical Created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto More Direct Created in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum PROS Tons of features out of the box for web development Quick to embrace new things Very easy to learn A diverse community with big ties to Linux and academia CONS Can […]