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What is Growth Hacking?

Key Takeaways Growth hacking is marketing + coding. It includes things like: landing page optimization, SEO, public relations, advertising, and copywriting. Three things that a Growth Hacker might do in a typical day: A/B testing landing pages Capturing emails before you launch your product Optimizing the virality of your product so that more people use […]

Why Should You Incorporate Your Startup In Delaware?

Startup Series: Why Delaware? Why should you incorporate your startup in Delaware, even if you’ve never been there?* A whole lot of companies in the US are incorporated in Delaware, even if the company doesn’t actually exist there. One Month, for example, is incorporated in Delaware, even though we’re headquartered in New York (and we’ve […]

3 Ways to Know If A Developer Is Good

If you don’t necessarily have a technical background and you’re thinking about bringing in a developer, how do you assess them? How do you even know if they have the very particular set of skills your site or application needs? On this Founder Friday, Mattan and Chris tackle how to win devs, and make an […]

Ruby vs. Python

Ruby vs. Python Which is better, Ruby on Rails or Python and Django? This is a question we get asked repeatedly. It’s an important question too. You’ll hear Ruby vs. Python compared all the time. If you’re unfamiliar with them, it’s an impossible question to answer. I’ve used them both quite a bit and can tell you […]

The Perfect Follow Up To One Month Rails

Why should someone who already took One Month Rails take One Month Ruby? Well, for one, you know very little about Ruby so far. Sure, we did some basic stuff like if… then. And we created a few variables. But Ruby is a wonderful language, and your ability to get stuff done in Rails is […]

What Are Convertible Notes and Why Use Them?

Throughout our previous entries on raising funds as a startup, we’ve been talking about raising money for your company by sharing equity with venture funds. When you’re a company in its early days, sharing equity is difficult. Moving equity from your company to another requires a lot of time to hash out an agreement everyone […]

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Competitors

One of the more overwhelming entrepreneurial challenges is seeing someone else, someone better funded, better equipped, or with better name recognition than you, tackling the same idea you have. But imposing competition should never immediately discourage you from pursuing your startup. You need to be realistic about the challenges you face in relation to your […]

Maintaining Healthy Relationships While Working at a Startup

The thing about putting your all into your startup is that, technically, then you don’t have anything left for the other important facets of your life. This week, Mattan tackles why maintaining healthy relationships are important, and how you can (re)structure your time to push your business forward without leaving your friends behind. The universally acknowledged […]