9 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Sending Email

How many hours a day do you spend writing emails? We love it, we hate it — we can’t stop using it. Many of us spend a...
Sarah Peck
6 min read

How to Say No

There are a lot of great blog posts and books out there about how we should all say ‘No’ to more things in order to focus more on...
Mattan Griffel
6 min read

What is Payment Processing?

Key Takeaways Payment processing allows you to accept payments online. Here are three options to get you started: Easy: Services like Gumroad or Shopify...
Chris Castiglione
33 sec read

50 Ways to Get a Job

Podcast episode also available on iTunes and Spotify. 50 Ways to Get a Job is a career book with fifty proven exercises you can...
Chris Castiglione
44 sec read

What is Web Security?

Key Takeaways Web security is protecting your website from hackers before it gets broken into. If you’re a web security expert, you have the following...
Chris Castiglione
48 sec read

How Will You Make Money?

      You should have an answer to the question “How will you make money?” early on. You may even have several answers....
Chris Castiglione
1 min read

25 Essential Books on Storytelling, Copywriting, and Marketing to…

How do you teach yourself about storytelling? Why is it that some copywriters seem to nail it, while others flounder? These were the questions...
Sarah Peck
9 min read

What is Web Development?

Key Takeaways The four most important roles for building a website are: User Experience (UX) Information Architecture (IA) Visual Design Development To clarify this…...
Chris Castiglione
28 sec read

Hot Wallet vs. Cold Storage

  Can you explain the difference between a Hot Wallet and Cold Storage? Hot wallet refers to any cryptocurrency wallet that is connected to the internet....
Chris Castiglione
2 min read