Chris Castiglione Co-founder of Adjunct Prof at Columbia University Business School.

New One Month Education Scholarships for Women

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Ten new education scholarships for women — the first round of applications open this month (December) on the 28th. Every month after that we’ll open up another ten spots.

This month, we’re launching a series of scholarships for women to encourage diversity within our online community.

In order for a community to thrive, it needs a diverse group of people. Yet women are hugely underrepresented in science and technology. Women comprise 48 percent of the U.S. workforce but just 24 percent of workers in STEM fields. Here at One Month, we noticed that only 22 percent of our students are female.

Here at One Month we love experiments, testing, and growth — and we want to see if we can help shift these figures by inviting more women into our communities. When you apply, you can select the class that is most applicable to you and your course of study. Each month, we’ll award up to ten scholarships.

Ten Scholarships for Women — Take any One Month Course!

Each month we’ll pick up to 10 finalists and give them access to a single One Month class of their choosing for free, as well as mentorship and support in order to encourage learning and to help overcome anything that comes up along the way.

The courses that are available are at You can choose from Rails, HTML, Growth Hacking, iOS (Swift), Web Security, or Stripe Payments. We’re also adding new courses early in the new year as well!

The ability to learn quickly is a core asset in accelerating your career potential, and we want to make sure everyone knows that they can get a practical, skills-based education that helps them directly achieve goals that they can bring into their company and jobs. It’s exciting how quickly one class can transform someone’s life. Students have gone on to get promotions at work, make career shifts, learn core skills in web development and online marketing, and build their own apps.

Our aim is to make learning more accessible and this is one thing we can do to support that.  We recognize that this is just a small step, and we want to continue to encourage everyone — across genders, backgrounds, and skills — to join us in learning.

Scholarships Awarded Every Month: Details & How to Apply

Each month, we’ll make ten new scholarships available. Applications to One Month’s scholarships for women are due by the 28th of each month for the next class cycle. Scholarship recipients will be notified during the first week of the month. Each month there will be ten scholarships awarded.

To be considered for this month’s scholarships, apply at

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Chris Castiglione Co-founder of Adjunct Prof at Columbia University Business School.