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We got rejected from Y Combinator…

…the first time. And that’s why this week on Hacker News Nation, we’ll be sharing tips for applying to Y Combinator. As well as the stories...
Chris Castiglione
27 sec read

Hacker News Nation: Episode #1

It’s showtime! Today I’m pumped to share our first episode of Hacker News Nation! Students often ask me, “What do I use to to...
Chris Castiglione
26 sec read

Why Should You Learn How to Code?

This past weekend, while attending a party in Brooklyn, I met a guy who started telling me a story about his startup and then...
Mattan Griffel
32 sec read

4 Debugging Techniques Every Developer Should Know

I’ve got a CRAZY question for you… How much of your coding time is spent debugging? I’ll bet A LOT. And how much of...
Chris Castiglione
1 min read

How a Non-technical Solo Founder Got Into Y Combinator

Two years ago I quit my full-time job, and declared myself an entrepreneur (inspired by the 4-Hour Workweek). At the time, all I had...
Mattan Griffel
2 min read