50 Ways to Get a Job

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50 Ways to Get a Job is a career book with fifty proven exercises you can use to find meaningful work.

Last week I met with Dev Aujla to discuss his favorite takeaways from the book. One thing I have concluded after my chat with Dev: Resumes alone don’t work.

How do most people apply for a job? Most people make a resume, apply to job boards, and then wait around hoping that someone, somewhere, will call, all the while becoming the most depressing person in history to hang out with.

Dev Aujla spent over three years reading every career book since the 1970s. In that time he tested his methods on over 400,000 people! What he learned is that this old “resume & wait” game is over. In his book, he has proposed 50 tested ways to land your dream job.

In our interview Dev answers the questions:
* If resumes don’t work, what works in 2018?
* What are your favorite takeaways from the book?
* What’s the best cover letter?
* How do you land a technical job or a job in a startup?

I hope you enjoy my interview with Dev Aujla, author of 50 Ways to Get a Job.