Learn to Code Podcast

What is Digital Literacy?

Brett Martin (Charge Ventures) and I both teach different semesters of the Digital Literacy for Decision Makers course at Columbia University Business School. In...
Chris Castiglione
22 min read

How I Learned to Code in 6 Months

Welcome to the Learn to Code podcast here at One Month. This week on the show, I’ll be chatting with Meaghan Jones, Lead Support...
Chris Castiglione
14 min read

The Learn to Code Podcast

Learn to Code in One Month is for beginners who want to learn to code, but don’t know where to start. Each week Chris...
Chris Castiglione
51 sec read

CodePen, CSS Tricks, and ShopTalk Podcast | An Interview…

Welcome to the One Month podcast. This week on the show we have Chris Coyier! Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) is a web designer and developer,...
Chris Castiglione
35 min read