Startup Ideas

How Will You Make Money?

    You should have an answer to the question “How will you make money?” early on. You may even have several answers. It...
Chris Castiglione
1 min read

Storytelling For Startups

In light of our recent Storytelling for Business course announcement, this Founder Friday, I wanted to talk about storytelling for startups and how you...
Mattan Griffel
41 sec read

No One Cares (About Your MVP)

In this Founder Friday, I answer your questions about MVPs. Questions like: “How early should I release my MVP?” (It was basically just iterations...
Chris Castiglione
1 min read

One Month Challenge: Berlin

Last month our team grew from two to five. We like challenges here at One Month, so my co-founder Mattan and I had a...
Chris Castiglione
3 min read