Want to Write More in the New Year?

Want to Write More in the New Year?

 December 31, 2014 / by Sarah Peck

Jack Kerouac

30 days of writing: a month-long writing challenge

We’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions and behavior change here at One Month. This time of year is a great time for reflection and introspection. This week, after reviewing our personal resolutions, we realized that many of us have writing-related goals: we want to write more in the new year, whether it’s books, essays, personal writing, or even working on improving our speaking ability.

Writing as a daily habit can be hard to develop. So as a team, we brainstormed a few ways to make it easier to do.

As a result, we built a free email series that sends out a new writing prompt every day for 30 days.

Want to write with us? Sign up here to get email prompts delivered daily for a month and join us on the writing journey.

What are your writing goals for 2015? 
We each have our own writing goals — some of us want to write daily, others want to write 3 times a week. Pick a frequency that’ll work for you. Use the prompts as a jumping off point to kickstart your own writing habit. There’s nothing like a little email reminder to get you moving on a project.

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