What is WordPress?

Key Takeaways

WordPress makes it easy to create websites.

How easy? That depends on your skill level.

  • At its core, WordPress is really just an easy way for you to make updates to your website. You can update text and images, and create new pages without touching a line of code.
  • WordPress is actually two things: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.
  • WordPress.com is for non-developers. It’s where you go to launch a cat blog or a portfolio site. You can’t do much customization over there.
  • WordPress.org is for developers. With WordPress.org, you’ll get complete customization over your site. WordPress.com is currently being used by CNN, Time, TED, and millions of other people.

Your Assignment

Decide if you want to learn WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Spend 10 minutes browsing the two sites to learn more.

If you want to learn WordPress.com, start your first site for free today by registering at WordPress.com. If you’d like to learn WordPress.org, check out the resources below.

Additional Resources to Learn WordPress Today

Digging Into WordPress is a great book for getting started with WordPress.org

WordPress Step-by-Step is a free guide for building your first WordPress.com theme. Just click on the titles to get started with each lesson. Chris Castiglione made this (that’s me).

And now we have added a great WordPress course to our library of offerings. Learn how to build your own WordPress themes. Sign up today! 

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