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42 Best Classes to Learn to Code for Free in 2023

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Want to learn to code? There are plenty of free online coding classes, but unfortunately, many of them are out of date. That’s why I put together this list of 42 free coding courses so that you can learn how to code in 2023.

If you’re new to programming? My advice would be that you start with one of the free HTML classes. HTML is the fundamental language of the web, and after you know HTML learning Python, Ruby and SQL will all be much easier.

In this list, updated for 2021, I’ve included 42 tutorials where you can learn to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, WordPress, SQL, the Command Line, Git, and Swift — all for free. If you’re a total beginner and have questions about which coding course to start with? I’d be happy to help. Please leave a comment below or reach out to me at and I’ll help answer any questions you have!

I. Learn to Code for Beginners

1. Learn HTML for Free

Learn Computer Programming with One Month

Curious about coding? Want to learn to speak geek? Don’t be overwhelmed — this beginner course is the perfect introduction to web development with HTML, and CSS.

2. Datacamp

Learn Coding with DataCamp

Featuring free access to Python, SQL, Git, and much more. More than 100 classes, coding tutorials, practice challenges, data projects, and more.

3. Khan Academy

Learn to Code with Khan Academy

Khan Academy has courses for just about everything. The computer programming section offers free coding classes where you can learn SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. If you can’t decide what language to start with, try a basics/intro course in HTML.

4. GA Dash

Learn to Code with GA Dash

Dash specializes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With Dash, you can code in the browser and build basic websites. Dash is similar to Codecademy, in that you code directly in the browser. After you learn with Dash you’ll probably want to learn how to use a text editor.

5. QuickCode

Learn to Code with Quick Code

QuickCode offers free trials for classes in a number of various programming languages. The most popular project on QuickCode is the opportunity to build a virtual voice assistant.

6. Coursera

Learn to Code with Coursera

Coursera lets users take classes from top universities for free. Unlike Codecademy or Udemy, with Coursera it’s mandatory that you enroll on a specific date for their upcoming class.

7. MITOpenCourseWare

Learn to Code with MIT Open Course Ware

MITOpenCourseWare’s course content comes from (you guessed it) MIT. The courses here tend to be more technical in nature tackling topics like C memory management, Java, and MATLAB.

8. The Odin Project

Learn to Code with The Odin Project

Learn HTML, JavaScript, GIT, Ruby and more over at Odin! The site is supported by an open source community, and they are known for keeping the content up to date and high quality support.


9. Learn Code The Hard Way

Learn to Code with Learn Code the Hard Way

Python, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL and more. As of this writing, the Ruby course is the only one that is completely free, but each of the other lessons has some sizable free material that is worth checking out. 

10. Free Code Camp

Learn to Code at free code camp

HTML, Git, JavaScript, databases, CSS and more. FreeCodeCamp is one of the biggest publications on Medium, and some of their YouTube videos have millions of views. When you learn with FreeCodeCamp it’s also a lot like Dash and Codecademy where you learn in the browser. And so, afterwards, you’ll want to learn how to use a text editor.

11. Code Avengers

Learn to Code with Code Avengers

Code Avengers offers Python, HTML, JavaScript and more. Code Avengers is a site which specializes in kids as well as adult learners, which makes it unique on this long list.


Learn to Code with

Bento features more than 100 different web development topics including HTML, Git, JavaScript, Python and more. The site also offers “learning tracks,” which are free full stack web dev curriculums.

II. Learn HTML & CSS

13. HTML Dog

Learn HTML with HTML Dog

HTML Dog has been around since 2003. It offers tutorials in both HTML and CSS (as well as JavaScript). The site offers tutorials, techniques, examples, and references, and does so in a straightforward fashion.

14. Learn HTML & CSS for Free

Learn HTML & CSS with Learn to Code with HTML & CSS

Shay Howe’s page is a training guide for both HTML and CSS. Howe breaks coding down into 12 simple lessons, and offers advanced lessons if you’d like to go further.


Learn HTML & CSS with MarkSheet

MarkSheet is a solid free option for HTML and CSS, and it breaks down lessons for absolute beginners, designers, and developers. MarkSheet’s Jeremy Thomas is also offering a new eBook, “Learn CSS in 44 minutes.”

16. Mozilla Developer Network

learn to code with mozilla developers

Mozilla’s network has a number of different options for those looking to learn to code: HTML and CSS are on the top of that list. The network also offers a frequently updated blog, and an open community which allows users to make suggested changes.

III. Learn JavaScript

17. Learn JavaScript with One Month

Learn JavaScript with One Month

Build four real-world projects with One Month JavaScript. While the course costs, the free trial allows free access to the course in which you can launch your first JavaScript project!


Learn JavScript with

Easy to remember and easy to get into, it’s a good starting point for true newbies. Front and center, the site offers a series of challenges as soon as you load up the homepage.

19. Learn JS

Learn JavaScript with Learn JS

Learn JS is a straightforward site with tutorials. The site features code and output windows that can give you an immediate idea of what your code is doing. You can also contribute tutorials yourself.

20. Watch and Code

Learn JavaScript from Watch and Code

Watch and Code only concentrates on JavaScript, and it focuses on what’s used most in web programming. The site offers weekly instructor-led video chats, as well — a unique feature that may be extremely helpful for certain learners.

21. JavaScript For Cats

Learn JavaScript with JavaScript for cats

You don’t have to like cats to use this site, which teaches the basics. But it won’t hurt to be feline-inclined. This site is probably one of the quickest reads on the whole list, which makes it ideal for novices.

III. Learn Python


Learn Python with

From the same people who brought you Learn JS, Learn Python is a clean site with plenty of tutorials. Again, users can contribute their own tutorials, as well.

23. Learn Python

Learn Python for Free

The course offers the basics of Python with a focus on business use cases. In this free Python course you’ll learn how to install Python 3, command line basics, strings, comments, variables, Python debugging, and all the Python basics you need to know in order to write your first Python script!

VI. Learn Ruby

24. Ruby Tutorial

Learn Ruby with this Free Ruby Tutorial
Learn Ruby with this Free Ruby Tutorial

If you’re curious in learning Ruby, why not check out the official Ruby site? It offers a way to try Ruby from within your browsers, and also includes a tutorial called Ruby in Twenty Minutes.

25. Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Learn Rails with the Ruby on Rails tutorial

Michael Hartl’s tutorial is basically an online book, but some people may learn better this way. Even though it’s an eBook, the tutorial still offers plenty of screenshots and images.

V. Learn SQL

26. MySQLTutorial

Learn SQL with MySQL Tutorial

A tutorial page for learning SQL that features screenshots. It offers a number of steps to get into SQL, and a helpful tool called MySQL TryIt.

27. Vertabelo Academy

Learn SQL with Vertabelo Academy

Features basic interactive courses for a number of SQL topics including functions and queries. A helpful Course Advisor lets users know where to begin.

VI. Learn The Command Line

28. Learn Command Line Basics for Free

Learn Command Line at One Month

A free command line basics video course that can be completed in under one hour. It doesn’t matter which language you are learning (HTML, JavaScript, Python or literally any language) you’ll need to learn how to use the command line.

29. Learn Enough Command Line

Learn Command Line with Learn Enough

Another free Michael Hartl offering, this one is focused on Command Line. The full title? Learn Enough Command Line To Be Dangerous. It’s designed to appeal to a broad audience, so everyone is welcome to start here.

VII. Git and Github

30. Learn Enough GitLearn Git and Github with Git Immersion

As its name implies, users are immediately immersed in Git in order to learn the basics. A no-nonsense site with a slightly different approach.

31. Try Git

Learn Git and Github with Try Git

A list of resources for learning Git. It includes the GitHub Learning Lab, which offers a series of projects. The site’s Git-It tool can be downloaded to your computer for a hands-on tutorial.

VIII. Learn WordPress

32. WPBeginner’s WordPress Tutorial

Learn WordPress with WPBeginner

The title sort of says it all, doesn’t it? A free site of resources for WordPress newbies. The blog also answers a lot of questions beginners may have.


Learn WordPress with WordPress.tvIf you’re better when learning from a video, features a number of helpful vids. The site includes new updated videos in a blog.

IX. Learn iOS & Mobile App Development

34. Swift Playgrounds

Learn Mobile App Development with Swift Playground

A free iOS app from Apple that teaches users how to learn its own programming language. If you’re already used to using iPad apps, this may feel as much like a game as learning a new language.

35. Google Developers Training

Learn Mobile App Development with Google Developers Training

What Swift Playgrounds is to iOS, this is for prospective Android developers. There’s a bootcamp for beginners, but a number of intermediate and advanced courses, as well.

36. Android Developers

Learn Mobile App Development with Android Developers

Another popular resource focused on learning to develop for Android. It can feel a bit much, but a Get started section offers the chance to get right into building your first app.

X. Learn Machine Learning/AI

37. Google AI

Learn Machine Learning/AI With Google AI

Free machine learning/AI courses from the folks at Google. It’s a Google-backed site, so as you might expect, it’s clean and easy to navigate. This course features machine learning guides and a crash course, too.

38. Machine Learning Mastery

Learn Machine Learning/AI with Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery comes as a free eBook, but the site features tutorials and guides, as well. This site stresses that it aims for helping developers through straightforward language, promoting its relative lack of math compared to other machine learning sites.

XI. The Best Coding Podcasts

39. Learn to Code with Me

Learn to Code with Me Podcast

Laurence Bradford, host and friend of One Month, is passionate about making education affordable and accessible to all. She is a self-taught coder and her podcast features guests and subjects that revolve around learning to code, programming languages, finding a job as a programmer, starting a business and more.

40. ShopTalkShow


An internet radio show about the internet starring Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. This live podcast has guests and subjects that center around front end web design, development, and UX.

41. Learn to Code in One Month!

Learn to Code Podcast
Learn to Code Podcast

Each week the Learn to Code Podcast interviews people from a variety of fields like developers, doctors, data journalists, and product managers to ask them: How did you learn to code? And how has learning to code helped you at your job? Guests include Mattan Griffel (Columbia Business School), Chris Coyier (, Joel Califa (Product Designer at GitHub), and Nathan Bashaw (Product Hunt).

42. Developer Tea

Developer Tea

Top-ranked podcast for developers made to fit in your tea break. 11m+ downloads and counting. Host Jonathan Curtrell breaks down learning to code, developer best practices, and motivation in over 300 episodes of the podcast.

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