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What is Responsive Design?

Key Takeaways Responsive design means writing code ONCE, and having the page look great EVERYWHERE. A great, responsive site should be able to adapt to various screen resolutions. It will look good on a desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, or any of the other devices that people carry around in their pockets. Your Assignment: Learn Responsive […]

50 Ways to Get a Job

Podcast episode also available on iTunes and Spotify. 50 Ways to Get a Job is a career book with fifty proven exercises you can use to find meaningful work. Last week I met with Dev Aujla to discuss his favorite takeaways from the book. One thing I have concluded after my chat with Dev: Resumes alone […]

What is WordPress?

Key Takeaways WordPress makes it easy to create websites. How easy? That depends on your skill level. At its core, WordPress is really just an easy way for you to make updates to your website. You can update text and images, and create new pages without touching a line of code. WordPress is actually two […]

Use This Technique to Beautifully Manage Your Database

Use This Technique to Beautifully Manage Your Database If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’d love to learn how to use a database, but I don’t have time to learn SQL, PSQL or any of those funky coding languages!” … then I have something you. Active Admin! It’s beautiful. It’s free. And best of all, you can get started by adding just […]

I want you to do Deep Work

Deep work is the title of a Cal Newport book, and the topic of my latest podcast episode: “Deep Work“. I fight desires all day long. The five most common things* that get in the way of doing deep work are: Eating Sleeping Taking a break Sex Checking email and social media * That’s according to […]

What is Web Security?

Key Takeaways Web security is protecting your website from hackers before it gets broken into. If you’re a web security expert, you have the following skills: You know how to code. Can review your code for vulnerabilities. You help fix the vulnerabilities you find. How to Learn Web Security Today Read about OWASP. It stands for Open […]

Highlights from Blockstack Berlin

 Blockchain and Bitcoin “mania” has died down since December — and I couldn’t be more excited! Bitcoin is nearing a three month low sitting around $7,000. But beneath noisy conversations about the day-to-day price of crypto, developers have been busy building the next version of the internet. What’s the news? Last month over a dozen of the top […]