Highlights from Blockstack Berlin

Blockchain and Bitcoin “mania” has died down since December — and I couldn’t be more excited!

Bitcoin is nearing a three month low sitting around $7,000. But beneath noisy conversations about the day-to-day price of crypto, developers have been busy building the next version of the internet.

What’s the news?

Last month over a dozen of the top minds in crypto got together in Berlin to discuss the future of the internet and blockchain. The conference was organized by One Month teacher Dr. Muneeb Ali in partnership with his company Blockstack.

What is Blockstack?

In short, a new internet. With Blockstack’s internet connection…

  • You own all your own data
    (not Facebook)
  • You control access to your data
    (the NSA and ISPs can’t snoop on you).
  • You won’t have to remember dozens of passwords.
    (Blockstack has one password that is linked to your identity and can be used across hundreds of apps.)

Where can I watch the Blockstack Berlin highlights?

Watch all the highlights from the Blockstack Berlin event.

Guest speakers included Edward Snowden (whistleblower), Nick Szabo (cryptocurrency pioneer), Elizabeth Stark (co-founder, Lightning Network) and dozens more.


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  1. Customessaywriting
    Customessaywriting says:

    The crypto bubble is crashing NOW. The bitcoin/ETH fad ended weeks ago. Theres no logical reason to take any cryptos or blockchain seriously untill large governments pledge to NOT ban them and large companies like Amazon or Walmart start accepting payment in cryptos. Bitcoin is way too expensive in fees to use as currency. ETH is too slow. XRP/Ripple might be the first crypto that can be used for regular payments.

    • Chris Castiglione
      Chris Castiglione says:

      Your comment feels hyperbolic, and exaggerated. So in short, you’re not excited. Can you give us a little context on who you are, or what you hold? Because it sounds like you’re mostly just pro-Ripple.

      Also, this post is more about Blockstack and the technology than the “mania” around prices, dips, etc. I’m more interested in that conversation here than bitcoin prices.

  2. pb51
    pb51 says:

    Hey Chris, I recently completed your Learn Bitcoin & Ethereum course. Also, just watched a couple vids from Blockstack Berlin. Very interested in the crypto space, specifically as a new technology platform. The promise and of the tech is incredible. Since your course, I’ve been spending hours researching and learning as much as possible. Signed up for several crypto and blockchain meet ups. Even looking to secure an internship in the space.


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