Chris Castiglione Co-founder of Adjunct Prof at Columbia University Business School.

The Learn to Code Podcast

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Learn to Code in One Month is for beginners who want to learn to code, but don’t know where to start. Each week Chris Castiglione interviews people who taught themselves how to code, and landed awesome jobs as a result!​

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Who’s on the podcast? 

Nathan Bashaw (ProductHunt co-creator), Linh Dao Smooke (Hackernoon co-founder), Joel Califa (Senior Product Designer @ Github), Brett Martin (Columbia University Business School), Zed Shaw (Learn Python the Hardway author) and many, many, more!

Yes, I’ll chat with developers. AND I’m excited to speak with many people who are using the code in non-traditional ways: data journalists, product managers, lawyers, and MBAs.

Learn to Code Podcast

Episode #1. How to Learn Python 

An interview with Mattan Griffel — In this episode, Mattan and I discuss: How Mattan learned Python in less than 6 months, what the best first Python project is for beginners, and free resources for how to learn Python.

Episode #2. CodePen, CSS Tricks, and ShopTalk Podcast

An Interview with Chris Coyier — In this episode two Chris’s discuss how they learned to code, how to define “front-end developer” in 2019, and what resources Chris relies on to stay on top of a constantly shifting space.

Episode #3. How to Become a Freelance Web Developer

Today, we’ll be discussing what goes into becoming a successful freelance developer. In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between freelancing and consulting, how to find clients, how to set client rates and best practices for invoicing web clients!

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Chris Castiglione Co-founder of Adjunct Prof at Columbia University Business School.