Chris Castiglione Chris Castiglione is an educator. His mission is to use storytelling as a tool to inspire positive change in the world.


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Want to Write More? | Daily Writing Prompts

30 days of writing: a month-long writing challenge We’ve been thinking a lot about setting goals and behavior change here at One Month. This time...
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One Month Challenge: Composting

Obviously, here at One Month we like learning, and we’re always trying to learn new things ourselves. After watching the documentary Trashed, we started...
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Web Hacking Tools: Proxies

Let’s take a look at HTTP proxies, the core tool for web app hackers. When you’re getting started as a hacker, an HTTP proxy...
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How Olivia Munn’s Apple iCloud Account Got Hacked

Recently hundreds of celebrity’s private photos (including XXX photos) were leaked on the internet by unknown attackers from Apple’s iCloud. We’re interested in understanding...
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One Month Challenge: Berlin

Last month our team grew from two to five. We like challenges here at One Month, so my co-founder Mattan and I had a...
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4 Things You Should Do To Prepare for A Hackathon

Quite often I get the question from students, “Hey Chris, am I ready to attend a hackathon?” “YES, do it!”, I’ll say. And I...
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