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11 Ways To Improve Your Business and Personal Storytelling

When you want to learn how to describe yourself or your business, people look to storytelling as a way to improve their core message....
Sarah Peck
10 min read

How Bryan Helmig (Co-Founder of Zapier) Learn to Code

This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Bryan Helmig, the CTO and co-founder of Zapier. In our discussion, we talk about how Bryan...
Chris Castiglione
33 min read

20 Website Examples built with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework. It’s used for building websites and applications like Twitter, Groupon, Shopify and many more. Here at...
Chris Castiglione
30 sec read

Codecademy vs. Treehouse

I’m a UX Designer that has some basic coding and command line chops. This comes in handy when I’m working with other developers, or...
Dana Thomas
2 min read

Frontend vs. Backend Developers: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to developers, there are typically two groups to choose from frontend developers and backend developers. In this post, we’re going to...
Chris Castiglione
4 min read

Learn Code the Hard Way with Zed Shaw

Today on the show we have Zed Shaw. Zed is the author of Learn Python the Hard Way. and the popular website Learn Code...
Chris Castiglione
46 min read

The Difference Between == and === In JavaScript

If you aren’t sure what the difference between == and === are in JavaScript, you aren’t alone. Plenty of people struggle with which of...
Chris Castiglione
2 min read

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting for the first time can be overwhelming. There are so many options! Based on my own personal experience as a developer...
Chris Castiglione
1 min read

Top 6 Best Coding Bootcamps in Chicago

Chicago is the tech-hub of the Midwest, and so it’s only fitting that some of the best coding courses and bootcamps can be found...
Sam Lynn Davis
3 min read