Startup NDAs: Why you shouldn’t be afraid of someone…

This is probably the biggest topic I run into when I talk to would be founders. They ask questions like: How can I protect...
Mattan Griffel
3 min read

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is Marketing + Coding. Growth hacking is marketing + coding. It includes things like: landing page optimization, SEO, public relations, advertising, and...
Mattan Griffel
32 sec read

25 Essential Books on Storytelling, Copywriting, and Marketing to…

How do you teach yourself about storytelling? Why is it that some copywriters seem to nail it, while others flounder? These were the questions...
Sarah Peck
9 min read

Creating A Strong Product Differentiation Strategy

Imagine a customer is leaving a restaurant and choosing between calling an Uber or a Lyft. He knows he wants to get home as...
Chris Castiglione
3 min read

How To Decide Between Indiegogo vs. Kickstarter

As an entrepreneur, three of your favorite words are most likely “let’s DO this!” Advanced thinking and forward motion are where your comfort levels...
Chris Castiglione
3 min read

How to Say No

There are a lot of great blog posts and books out there about how we should all say ‘No’ to more things in order to focus more on...
Mattan Griffel
6 min read

How to Raise Money for Your Startup

I wanted to follow up one of my previous posts about How to Get into Y Combinator — in which I talk about the four kinds...
Chris Castiglione
4 min read

Does Your Startup Need A Growth Hacker

Does every startup need a growth hacker? Most startups find themselves facing the same problem: they build a product that very few people end...
Mattan Griffel
2 min read

How to Get a Job in Content Marketing

This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with Kenny Kline (JAKK Media, and host of the Media Mindset Podcast), who’s built a multi-million dollar...
Chris Castiglione
31 sec read